Home Inspections are a crucial part of buying a home, as not everything that you see is everything you get...even in new construction. The fees you pay for an inspection are miniscule compared to the cost of unforseen repairs or issues that could come up in the not so distant future of your new home. It's best to find issues in a home BEFORE you buy it. This website is simple and straight to the point. I'm not a fan of loads of extra content that most people don't read. My goals are simple too; Understand what's going on in the home, report it, convey the ins and outs of the issues and the possible remedies, then, dont freak out my clients (or the Agents) !! Simple... Mike Conley, HomeAce Inspections LLC.

There is an example report and summary in the services page on this site. Once an inspection is completed, I send 2 attachments in an email to the client and to his / her agent. One is the summary page, which lists all that has been written up in the house ( no pictures); and the other is the complete report, replete with pictures, arrows and color coded comments! Very easy to read and understand, and no fluff! 

HomeAce Inspections, LLC

Owner: Mike Conley

Certifications: AZ Certified #50694, ASHI certification #251525 

Address ( mail) PO Box 12561, Scottsdale, AZ, 85267


HomeAce Inspections LLC is covered by Error and Omissions Insurance (provided upon request).

Company Profile

Why a home inspection?

My name is Mike Conley, Owner of HomeAce Inspections. I was Born in Detroit, Michigan and lived in southeast Michigan till 2001. Like many Midwesterners, the weather ( yeah, rain and snow ) and the declining economy convinced me to live elsewhere. Between the golf and tennis I play  ( both played astonishingly average ), along with blue skies, warm weather, and a better economy, it was a no-brainer to make my home in AZ. I speak fluent Spanish, and sometimes do entire presentations in Spanish! So if you have Spanish speaking clients, no worries!
-I've been in and around construction for most of my life. From certified Handyman work to Construction Superintending ( remodels and additions) to Home Inspecting, I've seen alot of houses and thier related issues. But, I want people to laugh ( and make me laugh), so they're comfortable and act as they normally would so we can get to what they're actually concerned about. The home buying process can be hectic, and lots of hard earned money is spent getting to this point. So once I am involved, my goals are to make people feel at ease, comfortable, have some laughs, and show interest in their concerns. This allows the process to flow naturally. Then we can all enjoy this home buying process together without pulling our hair out.

Mike, HomeAce Inspections.

Mike Conley,Owner/Inspector