Lovely water damaged eaves, is your roof ready to be re felt papered?  Mouse droppings, is he still up here in this attic? is that a wood fascia board or a living organism?; Our hard water corrosion in Arizona; sprinkler head gone missing; is your plumbing ALL copper, nooo Galvanized? 

More news coming soon....


Hi,welcome to HomeAce Inspections! I'm thrilled you've found the home you've been looking for! Now you need to know what's going on inside it, and this isn't always an obvious or simple thing to see. That's where I come in. I make a simple pledge to my clients, "To investigate, uncover and disclose the sometimes obscure defects or qualities of a home in an unnbiased, reassuring and professional manner, as if it were my own home", simple..


  • HomeAce Inspections performs residential home inspections;
    -Pre drywall inspections
    -Pre sale inspections
    -Repair inspections
    -Pool and spa inspections
    -Outbuilding inspections
    -Schedule termite inspections ( separate company inspects)
    -For agents, obtain access codes-(CBS or lockbox) , call utility companies verifying utilities, schedule all inspection times / days and obtain any other necessary information from the Listing Agents ( gate codes, alarm codes etc..) Fully communicate all information and set up every aspect of the inspection with the buyers ( Agents already have enough to do, I'll handle the rest).

Here are just a few of my daily domestic issues in some of the houses around the valley. From left to right; Univited insect guest, rattlesnake skin (where's the live one?), some quality vinyl siding, that's a toilet paper dispenser in a shower ( which just covered a large hole, nice...), and, a not so high quality window seal. Good stuff right?

Come in!

Client comments

“I just want to thank you for the home inspection report. It was very informative and professionally done. Definitely worth the money. Inspector: Mike Conley

-Mike did a great job. The report met my expectations and then some. Nothing was left out. Inspector: Mike

-He meticulously inspected the house and reviewed it with me. I am happy with his report. Inspector: Mike

-Mike Conley came by this morning and fixed the 220v problem with the dryer. He is a very nice, conscientious guy and he was very good at fixing the problem. I would have no problem with using his company again or recommending them to others. I think you can really tell a good company when you have a problem and they fix it without question. Note: After inspection, customer call-back, Inspector: Mike Conley

-The inspector was able to meet with me after I got off work so that I could be present. He explained everything to me in a clear manner so that I could understand; he also took the time to answer all my questions!, Inspector: Mike Conley

-Mike was hired to inspect our home we were selling. Mike did such a great job. We hired Mike to inspect the home we decided to buy thats how impressed we were with his service. Inspector: Mike Conley
-Mike was very thorough in his explanations about everything, even the very minor things he pointed out. He made me feel comfortable about asking anything and as a first time home buyer, buying a home by myself, this put my mind at ease and made it a more enjoyable experience, Inspector: Mike Conley